The secret to Ethiopia’s counterterrorism success

After the fanfare accorded to the United States President Barack Obama by Kenya, the last stop was Ethiopia.

Of grand symbolic importance, Obama’s visit to East Africa was clearly historic, as he is the first sitting US president to do so.

A source of infectious excitement, Obama is extraordinarily popular and despite the various inconveniences and disruptions to their daily activities, Ethiopians have been delighted to welcome him to their country.

While visiting Ethiopia’s capitol city, Addis Ababa, Obama addressed both the Ethiopian government and the African Union.

His presence in the region is a reflection of just how far East Africa, and particularly Ethiopia, has progressed in addressing their various misfortunes.

Dealing with terrorism

Security cooperation is an area of high interest for the US in Africa.

Obama has repeatedly expressed his administration’s keen interest in learning from Ethiopia’s counterterrorism (CT) efforts and its counterinsurgency (COIN) strategy, which I call the “Ethiopian Doctrine” on CT and COIN.

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