Sudanese Muslim Attacks Israeli on Ethiopian Airlines Flight

Sudanese national shouting ‘Allah Akhbar’ reportedly attempted to strangle the Israeli on a flight from Chad to Ethiopia.

An Israeli citizen was attacked by a Sudanese Muslim on an Ethiopian Airlines flight from Chad to Ethiopia last week, the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday night.

“The Sudanese attacker was detained by the Ethiopian police when the plane landed in Addis Ababa and remains in custody,” the ministry said.

Ethiopian Airlines identified the attacker in a statement as Ahmed Alsheikhidris Mohamed

The Israeli embassy in Addis Ababa has been notified by the local authorities.
The incident was first reported by the Ynet website.

The 54-year-old Israeli, who was identified as Arik Zenouda, said that the Sudanese national attacked from behind and tried to strangle him when the plane began its descent into Addis Ababa.

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