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Sew Le Sew – Part 47 : Ethiopian Drama

Sew Le Sew – Part 47 : Ethiopian Drama

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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Can any lawmaker stop this madness of that in every Ethiopian Movie or shows someone have to Smoke. Like the rest of the world at list in the modern society, their should not be smoking in the set. MOVIE AND SMOKING should not go together. We should educate our citizen not to smoke specially here in America we don’t let kids watch movie because in every movie someone is smoking for sort of reason…… come on people look how many people smoke in Ethiopia? not much compare to the rest of the world….

    Stop Advertising SMOKING! in every show of your tv programs and movies.

  2. yo says:

    abo, stopped & finalized your drama. It is too wired to see ..why we obliged to see Hoarier drama like our politics..

  3. Ha says:

    Yemeyastel drama tecemaleku