President Mulatu Calls on Oromo Diaspora to Contribute to Dev’t of Nation

President Mulatu Teshome called on the Oromo Diaspora yesterday to work hard to develop their nation with the knowledge, technology and experience they have.

Speaking at the concluding ceremony of the visit of the Omoro Diaspora at Aba Geda Hall in Adama, the president said a lot is expected from the diaspora in the development of the country by working in collaboration with the public and the government.

Mulatu said the Ethiopian Diaspora should participate in the industry sector, particularly in manufacturing; and further expressed the commitment of the government to provide all the necessary support for the diaspora.

Oromia Regional State President, Muktar Kedir said on his part the visit was a great success as it helped members of the Oromo Diaspora to know more about their country.

Even though Ethiopia is on the right track to bring changes and build its economy, it still faces lots of challenges that need the contribution of the diaspora to tackle.

Responding to questions posed by the disapora at a panel held in the afternoon with regard to lack of good governance particularly at woreda and kebele levels, Muktar pointed out that the government considers bad governance as its enemy and it would therefore work vigorously to root out the scourge.

He also called on members of the Oromo Diaspora to build Ethiopia’s image when they go back to their respective countries and actively participate in the development of the country.

The Oromia Regional State finally gave certificates to representatives of the Oromo Diaspora so as to encourage them to contribute more to the development of the country.

Source: ENA