Meet the man who built his own plane from scratch

Meet the man who built his own plane from scratch, using second-hand parts and YouTube tutorials.

When he was a child in Ethiopia, Asmelash Zerefu dreamt he would one day fly a plane. Jonathan Wells talks to the prospective pilot about the struggle to get his plans off the ground

His social media pages are plastered with praise for the Wright Brothers, and inspirational quotes such as Mandela’s “Everything seems impossible until it is done” and Thomas Edison’s “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” punctuate pictures of his own attempts at aviation.

Suffice to say, Asmelash Zerefu is a man with great belief. The 35-year old Ethiopian has suffered countless setbacks in his mission to become a pilot, and despite still never having even set foot on a plane – let alone fly one – the amateur aircraft builder refuses to give up on his dream.

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