From Ethiopia to Louisville, one child’s journey toward normalcy

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – For years, Mosell Mulugeta Wakero was used to never leaving the house without a jacket draped over his back, regardless of the weather. He would always position himself so that he’d be the last in line.

Mosell, 15, has something he tries to hide.

“When other people see my back, it’s like ‘Why is he here?’ kind of like that,” Mosell tells us.

Mosell suffers from Kyphoscoliosis. His spine curves and arches through his upper body. It is noticeable, and has caused the teen and his family much pain.

“I try to hide as much as possible,” Mosell confesses. “You’re different from others.”

Mosell lives in Ethiopia. He tells us he is constantly bullied, ostracized and made fun of. After school, he waits for everyone to leave before he does, to avoid them seeing him from behind.

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