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Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi Health Status Report

Ethiopian Government spokesman Bereket Simon spoke to reporters in Addis Ababa Thursday, following media reports that Ethiopian prime minster Meles Zenawi was critically ill at Saint Luc Hospital in Brussels, Belgium.

Mr. Simon said Meles is “on Sick Leave” and he is in “good and stable condition” and remains in charge of the government. He said Meles’ sick leave was prescribed by his doctor, and he will resume work soon.


  1. sym says:

    it is enough for this party to steal Ethiopian with hand under jacket. so i am happy if meles do not come back again

  2. abi says:

    oh!God i pray heartly to make healthfull pm melese zenawi .b/se pm meles stands for not onlly ethiopia but also africa as well as for the world.please God bless him.

  3. Gw says:

    May God bless Meles Zinawi . He is kind, a man of fact, change modernity and change. We as Ethiopian are proud on him. Wish quick recovery.

  4. Name (Required) says:

    All I can say is may God help Meles recover him from this sickness. As one citizen of Ethiopia, I really appreciate the way he govern the country. Actually I am not the member of any party, however i like the wise minded PM Meles and wish him long life!!!!!!

  5. death from god says:

    i really want to pray for him to see what he done to every Ethiopian i want to know if he is real Ethiopian .i never been to my country more than 15 year but when i want there i see people scare of him and running from him .you know what i tank god i did not see my ethiopian sad eyes for 15 year but know i see them even in my dreams .death for him banda banda BANDA BANDA that what he is

  6. ethiohope says:

    I am glad! May God Bless our PM and his family. Dear PM you are in my prayer list. May God safeguard and bless you.

  7. demise says:

    He is good for ethiopia, I like him. Let God Bless and heal him.

  8. Heregewoin Shife says:

    I’m so happy to hear that pm Melese’s health condition is very stable and soon he will get back to his office. I’m very thankfull for all his efforts, during and after the struggle, and his brilliant leadership. I’m neither a partymember nor a supporter. As an ordinary citizen I admire, respect and honoured pm Melese, who leads the country towards the right direction, though there are so many things still to do.
    God bless Ethiopia!
    God bless pm Melese and his family. I wish him all the best.

  9. jijigaboy says:

    i pray the pm get well soon inshalah .the country needs him and we as a somali we dont dont need the dergi ruler ****** they kill our ppl melez govermenment is the one who gave us the freedom of today not only somali all over ethiopia ..i hope he will be fine soon inshalaah ….long live malez zanaawi

  10. Sarah says:

    I heard he has an issue of “brain dead”. EPRDF is just keeping it secret till they figure out who is going to replace him. Well he was smart, but never used it on a good way for Ethiopian citizens. As we all know road and building can not feed people. So I find it hard to say “Rest in peace” as well as “Screw him”…either way I hope God will punish him on his own way at least for the innocent citizens he abuse.

  11. aytekmem bineger says:

    EVEN IF HE HIS A CRIMINAL AND MURDERER I PRAY FOR HIM,B/C HE Made so money mistek .so when we miss him know,we lost every thing,he div aid as by recizm,religion and by identity,but god have promise to Ethiopia .he save as.

  12. abe says:

    who cares if he is dead or alive anyways

  13. roza says:

    etv news idont now what i am saying no word can explan my feling all are have no maind ur maind used to only to use hat

  14. adane says:

    Ethiopia has a man that is Meles zenawi.! so Long live meles we are praying for his health. and for Ethiopia and ethiopians

  15. Arefaine Gebrou says:

    Primeminster meles Millions of peooples are praying for u. your health is very important for Ethiopia as well as for Africa.I am sure by the help God we will see u again in ur office as usual.

    You are the man who stand to change the living standard of Ethiopian people no one else
    tried like u except for their own Legacy.

    God bless u & ur family.

  16. jhoney says:

    I hope he will die soon then we all be happy

  17. mebrat tekie says:

    My name is Mebrat tekie.I live in Minneapolis Minnesota.I’m a mother of 6 .I prayed that prime minster Meles be fine and live like Abune Teklehaymanot for a very very long time.God heard me ,egzihbeher yetekbre yehun amen.

  18. Name (Required) says:

    I do really sorry for those who think evil & drink evil things as a water. Death be for the dead. May God bless our pm Melese Zenawi! & God bless Ethiopia. I’m goona pray for him.

  19. mestawot says:

    He was a brutal mass murderer Ethiopia has ever seen. I hope god will hold him responsible for his crime against Ethiopians. Murderer,liar and coward he was

  20. ferdos says:

    Im so happy that prime minster meles is ok.I was really praying for him.Im glad he is in a good condition.By the way,neither i am a supporter of eprdf or supporter but i m so relieved that meles is ok for the country,to his children and his family in general.