Ethiopian brew brings new flavours to Saskatoon

A newcomer to this year’s Saskatoon Folkfest plans to use a piece of cultural heritage to give tired attendees a jolt of energy.

The Ethiopian pavilion, which is entering its first year in the festival, will perform a traditional coffee ceremony to highlight its history as the birthplace of the caffeinated beverage.

“The term coffee comes from a province in Ethiopia called Keffa,” said pavilion manager Tadele Gebreyohannes, adding that other attractions will include a children’s fashion show, samplings of Ethiopian cuisine and beer imported directly from the African country.

“I think it was the Arabic people that got the coffee from that province and took it to markets. They give you the name coffee,” Gebreyohannes said.

The ceremony, which will be performed onstage and will dish out cups to people in the audience, is part of a communal activity in which friends and family come together to enjoy the drink and discuss current events. The beans will be roasted and ground by hand prior to brewing, as is the custom in Ethiopia.

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