Ethiopia says consultants failed to reach joint vision on GERD

Ethiopia’s minister of water and energy Motuma Mekasa said the French and Dutch consultants have failed to come up with a common guideline to implement the technical studies for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Mekasa, who addressed the opening session of the tripartite national technical committee on GERD in Cairo Saturday, said “we will discuss several options during this meeting”.

The Ethiopian minister provided three other options including to continue working with the French and Dutch consultants after overcoming their differences, to select one consultancy firm to undertake the required technical studies or to choose two other firms from those which were shorted-listed previously.

The three countries had previously formed a committee to select a consultancy firm to assess the impact of GERD on Sudan and Egypt. Four consultancy firms from France, Australia and Netherlands had been short-listed initially and invited to submit their proposals.

Mekasa pointed to the negative impact of poverty on people due to absence of food security and energy, saying “we need equitable use for our available resources in order to meet food and energy needs, eradicate poverty and raise the standard of living”.

He said that the real motive behind building the GERD is to combat poverty and achieve sustainable development by generating clean energy, expressing his government’s commitment to implement the framework agreement signed by the leaders of the three countries.

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