Black Rhino looks at renewable power investments in Ethiopia

By Aaron Maasho

Black Rhino, owned by funds of U.S. investment company Blackstone Group, said on Wednesday it was looking at investments in Ethiopia’s power generation sector.

A foray into the country’s power industry would be Black Rhino’s second large-scale infrastructure involvement after it signed framework agreements last month to build a fuel pipeline between Djibouti and Ethiopia.

The $1.55 billion pipeline, due for completion in 2018, aims to improve efficiency and safety of importing fuel from the port in Djibouti to the land-locked country.

“We are currently assessing other opportunities in Ethiopia such as hydro and wind. That is something we are very interested in and engaged in,” Shilesh Muralidhara, a Johannesburg-based developer at Black Rhino, said.

“We want to be here for the long term,” he told Reuters.

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