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Azeb Mesfin Speaks at the Funeral Service of the late PM Meles Zenawi

Azeb Mesfin, Ethiopian First Lady, Speaks at the Funeral Service of her husband, the late Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi, at Meskel Square in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. September 02, 2012.


  1. Zel says:

    Solomon stop talking shit out ur ass in USA or where ever you are if u have ball go and show you your leadership. talk is cheap but being smart is another expense.

  2. wada says:

    Azeb you make me to cry , we ethopian people are with you , just forget the diaspora because they didnt now him,, we always love meles he is our hero

  3. hermon mesfen says:

    RIP Melese zenawi

  4. grauniadreader says:

    Deeply moving tribute from Azeb, the most compelling of them all. An English subtitled version of this would be very much appreciated by the international audience.

  5. dawit says:

    Great speech First Lady

  6. Alula says:

    Great speech but I don’t believe Melese is pro democracy though. He was a great leader and did an outstanding job to Ethiopia however he was a control freak and will do anything to stay in power like any of his so called African leaders. We have seen innocent people get killed on the street of addis few years ago. We have seen innocent people jailed simply because they demand democracy.It would be a flat out lie if we keep saying that he was pro democracy. Let’s say it as it is so the future generation will learn from the great things he has done and the terrible legacy he had when it comes to democracy.

    1. Amba says:

      There is no doubt that Meles will live in history as the best African leader. The democracy in Ethiopia is only 20 years old, it is not fair to judge him by that only.
      Meles has laid the foundations of democracy. Ethiopia’s hidase has just began and its architect will be remembered for centuries and his name is Meles Zenawi.
      His achievements in health, women’s right, education, clean water, food sufficiency, economic growth, peace and diplomacy are to name the few.

      1. Solomon says:

        I don’t know what you meant by good speech.Azeb has a lot of businesses in Ethiopia she might be mourning not only on the death of her husband but might worry on the future of her business in Ethiopia. What democracy in Ethiopia? Do not lie. There is no democracy in Ethiopia. Jailing and killing opposition party members is that democracy?favoring only one tribe is that democracy? That is what US secretary of state Hillary and president Barak Obama told Meles that he has to work on human rights issue in Ethiopia. There was no democracy in Ethiopia under PM Meles but the Ethiopian people has to fight hard to get rid of leaders who favor only one tribe and funnel all of their country’s money to foreign banks. Meles is one of them.

        1. tity says:

          Loving his country is not talking lie and confusion for people who livig in peace but it should be in practice. What evere he did Meles is the geate leader of ethiopia has ever seen!!

          1. sem says:

            @ Solomon, what the hell r u talking about.did u read your own things after writing it. dont be “Stupid”. She lost her husband and father of her kids. and we lost HERO WHO LIVED his life ONLY FOR HIS COUNTRY. let me ask you a question what did u or do u do for ur own country even for your own family, if u have the guts???? yes, right!!! THE ANSWER IS YOUR!!!!! and think not only twice, if u can Million times before u talk or write a single word??!!! or take “political Science” courses to know about politics… or not DON’t make any comment.. by the way the freedom of speech that your get is called “DEMOCRACY”… ok pls make ur mind to work and think the other way round. ask your self what is democracy…. PLS THINK THINK THINK….